More Than Just a Motorized Screen

Although we’re thrilled to show off our motorized roll-up screens, they’re far from all we offer. Browse through our selection of screen solutions:

SKEET’R BEAT’R Motorized Screens

These screens protect your privacy without obstructing your view, and can be installed on existing homes or used in light commercial settings.

WEATHERSHIELD Motorized Roll-Up Vinyl

This is foul-weather gear for your outdoor room. WEATHERSHIELD keeps out wind and rain or excessive heat and cold. Areas enclosed by WEATHERSHIELD can be heated or air-conditioned to provide comfort in any season.

YELLOW JACKET© Motorized Commercial Screens

The standard YELLOW JACKET© is designed for any large building opening where it is necessary to let light and air in while keeping insects, birds, lizards, animals, dirt, and windblown debris out.


The CLIMATROL PROTECTION SYSTEM is a combination of our SKEET’R BEAT’R,  ROLECTRIC, and the WEATHERSHIELD product lines. This design offers the best insect, solar, and foul weather defense! The screen mesh allows you to enjoy the cool breeze; but when foul weather approaches, you can simply roll down the vinyl to be protected from the elements.

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ROLECTRIC Architectural Screens

ROLECTRIC Architectural Screens have been designed to be hidden inside the architectural openings as an integral part of the structure. These screens should be considered at the earliest conception of the building’s design.

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