In 1988, Richard Smith was looking for a way to screen in his garage doors to keep out the mosquitoes while he worked on his hobby – building performance car engines. The only available option at the time, the sliding screen concept, presented a problem; it had to be completely removed manually from the opening to drive vehicles in or out.

Compact electric tubular motors from Somfy USA were being marketed at that time for use with hurricane shutters.  So, utilizing a Somfy motor, Richard put his 30 years of engineering to good use and began designing a motorized roll-up screen. Two weeks later he had a working model, and on August 15th, 1988, the first motorized roll-up screen appeared! It generated so much interest that he developed his idea into a commercially viable product.

The first model was introduced on January 4th, 1989, at a local home show in Punta Gorda, Florida and, as they say, “the rest is history.” Screen America Corporation was formed in 1992 and moved its facilities to Homosassa, Florida in 1994.capture-4

Thirty years and over twenty thousand screens later, Screen America Corporation is a thriving enterprise leading the motorized screen market. Its success is primarily due to the outstanding product, the hard work of its founder, its outstanding dealer network, and the dedication of the best employees in the world!